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This fabulous online magazine will guide you throughout Mallorca and its culture, answering every single question you have, mentioning the most important topics that you want and need to know about this great and beautiful island, it will be as if you were already in there enjoying all that the island has to offer you. So please, get yourself comfortable and let us do our job.

News about Mallorca

We will show you all the relevant news from the island that will help you to be always informed of what is happening.

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This superb online magazine will show you all relevant news related to weather, events, festivals, holidays, properties to buy or rent, the best times to go on vacation, including all the activities you can do to get some fun in Mallorca;  as well as restaurants, bars, gorgeous landscapes, night clubs, diving, cycling, hiking, fishing and much more.


If you decide that Mallorca is your ideal place to live, in this magazine we will give you innumerable tips to prepare yourself better on this new life at the island from the point of view of a foreigner; because we know that moving into a whole new place is not something simple, especially when your first language is not Catalan or Spanish, and we want to make it easier for you.

Innumerable tips for Expats

Here in this website you can find every type of help, from how to deal with people who is already living in the island, to their different customs; as well as tips to have all your paperwork in order, get used to the driving systems, advices to learn the language in case your Spanish isn’t good enough, the best places to visit once you are already installed, laws, and even teach you how to find your ideal job in Mallorca, and everything you can do to get it!

Lifestyle in Mallorca

If what you are curious about is how people live on this great island, what they usually do, or maybe you want to learn a little more about how the lifestyle in Mallorca is, Majorca Real Estate Magazine is the best place to find out everything you need.

News about Culture, Outdoor Activities, Mallorca Property & More

You can learn about important topics of the culture in Mallorca, from their customs and cultural experiences, to amazing food and pastry; as well as topics related to all the activities you can do in a villa, outdoors and even in a hotel; The best places to visit such as its museums, beautiful cathedrals, gorgeous natural landscapes and buildings of great architectural value.

Properties in Mallorca

Majorca Property for rent

In Majorca Real Estate Magazine we also give you the best advice to rent a property according to your needs for all the time you are planning on staying and the styles you might like, so that your stay on the island will be unforgettable.

Majorca Property for sale

If what you really want is to move in, we can also give you ideas on how to get a real estate agent, who knows the best deals on properties in the current market to save you the hassle of traveling constantly to find out everything you need for yourself.

Estate Agents

In Mallorca there are great estate agents who are more than qualified to satisfy all your requests, since a person's home is the holiest place they have, and they know it better than anyone else.

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Your only true job is to keep staying tuned with Majorca Real Estate Magazine and get ready to fall deeply in love with this beautiful island full of tranquility, good people, and spectacular landscapes, with a perfect weather all year round, full of amazing culture, great history and excellent gastronomy!