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The 10 Commandments Of The Good Real Estate Agent


Being a real estate agent is one of the professions with the greatest future in Spain. The reactivation of the housing market has caused a greater demand for both purchase and sale.

The public around the real estate sector is increasingly broad, and this public needs a guide to know what the best possible decision for their interests is.

Real Estate Agent

But let’s ask the question from another perspective:

What does a real estate agent need to meet these customer needs?

  • Communication, the best tool

It’s the little that has not changed in the real estate market, and it will not change no matter how old the years go by.

Communication is a key element in the housing sector, and a good agent must master it perfectly.

In communication there is a fundamental premise, and that is…

Everything communicates: the clothing, the hairstyle and even also the silences.

Not bothering the client with excessive chatter can be a key aspect to convince them to hire your services.

  • Languages

The foreign market has kept the real estate economy afloat in some communities, provinces or cities- 

And more and more buyers are coming from England, Germany, France, Russia and China.

You are an intermediary, what do you do if you do not know how to intermediate in the right language?

If you know another language, better, knowledge is the only thing that does not take place.

  • You are not a commercial

There is nothing worse than a customer seeing you as a simple commercial.

Your knowledge should go beyond being a good seller, even if this is your main function.

So learn to assess any type of real estate and get trained in legal matters to advice in cases of donations, inheritances, etc.

Imagine being invited to be a Tertullian in a program on real estate news!

You should be more than ready to do so.

Be an expert in your area, just like any other professional in your field.

  • Meet your competition

Michael Corleone says in The Godfather II:

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.”

Applying this appointment to the real estate sector is very simple:

Pay attention to your competition!

Without a doubt it is the best way to be aware of the market trends in your area and therefore, to go one step ahead.

It is very important to always be one step ahead of your competition.

  • Information about the properties

Clients still want as much information as possible about the characteristics of a property, but now they also seek to know other things.

Know something as simple as if there is a supermarket nearby, parking area, etc. It can break the coldness with the public.

These intangibles can make a difference in a sales process.

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