4 Harmful Issues That You Must Avoid With A Customer


To be successful in the real estate sector, it is absolutely essential to have a good agent-client relationship.

If there is no chemistry between both parties, you rarely manage to close a sale or get the exclusivity of a property.

To consolidate a good tuning with someone who is looking to sell your house or buy a new home, it is necessary to establish a cordial and first of all, that sees you as something more than a mere commercial.

In other words, negotiation must be ‘personalized’, but to a certain extent.

Issues That You Must Avoid With A Customer

There are some issues that could be considered as important “real estate taboos”.

And that under no circumstances should be touched in a conversation with a client.

It is sad to have to limit the issues to talk about, but believe us, it is better to prevent than to cure!

The real estate sector’s taboos

These are very polarized issues.

The vast majority of the population tends to be offended when what is spoken around them does not agree with their ideas.

Many people get into their position, and it is impossible to enter into a cordial dialogue with them.

So the best option is to avoid talking about these matters.

This way, we will avoid entering a minefield unnecessarily.


The football field in Spain will always be divided in two.

Even if a World Cup or a Euro Cup is played, the Barça-Madrid binomial will continue to be present.

You only have to see the current sports information programs and check the hostility between the participants in any debate. In which they have come to witness aggressions and insults.

If the level of discussion is so high among communication professionals, imagine what can be mounted if a client releases something that does not match their ideas.


An issue that should be avoided at all costs. Religion is a factor that can be closely linked to whoever professes it.

In this case, we have the good fortune that it is an easily avoidable matter. Since to take the topic of religion in a conversation is quite complicated.

In other words, it is not one of those topics that you happen to talk about or when you are with your friends.

So normality first and foremost do not get involved in an unnecessary garden.


Spain lives a very sensitive political situation and with several open fronts. Everyone talks about corruption, about Catalonia, about the change of government, and we know it’s tempting…

But please, if you open your mouth, let’s not talk about this topic.

We are a very plural country and you will be exposed to your client if he/she does not coincide with you ideologically.

In other words, Bye bye to sale.


Surely the most polarized theme of Spanish society.

Bulls yes, bulls not!

Even two lifelong friends can be several days without speaking if everyone is on one side and argue about it.

If something as elementary as friendship is difficult to carry when talking about bullfighting, imagine a real estate negotiation.

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