Advantages of acquiring a mortgage loan

Advantages of acquiring a mortgage loan


When buying a property, knowing how you are going to pay it is one of the main concerns. Keep reading and find out what are the advantages of  acquiring a mortgage, don’t miss them!

Advantages of Acquiring a Mortgage

Paying a property is not as easy as going to the ATM, taking out a couple of Euros and handing them over to the owner.

It’s a fairly high investment and not everyone can do it by themselves.

This is why there are loans or mortgage loans to help you with quite high investments that allow you to pay later in installments previously agreed with the lender.

Find out what are the advantages of  acquiring a mortgage:

1. Get your property in the short term

Getting to save what a house costs, in any country, would take a lot of time. Even with a good salary.

Paying a house in cash is something almost impossible for many and that is why getting a mortgage will be very helpful.

It allows you to get your property much faster. Once all the paperwork is done, your credit will be approved in a couple weeks and you will have everything ready to acquire your home without any problem and in much less time.

2. Accessible initial fees

To buy a property, you are usually asked for an initial fee of 20 or 30% of the total value of the property in advance.

Most mortgage loans can offer you up to one third of the total value of the property. 

This means that you would have the ease to pay less cash to secure the credit, than to have to pay the entire property by yourself right away.

3. Ease of payment

Mortgage loans offer you payment arrangements.

In addition, lenders understand perfectly that not all people have the same economic possibilities.

Therefore, they offer different fees for you and your comfort.

You can choose the amortization system that best suits your needs and have payment terms from 5 to 20 years.

4. Accessible interest rates

Interest rates on mortgage loans are usually not that high.

And with the ease of paying monthly or as you have agreed with your lender, you will hardly notice the difference.

Some rates are totally devalued over time due to inflation.

That is, paying a monthly fee of 50 Euros will not be the same at this time, as in 10 or 15 years.

5. Housing protection

An excellent advantage offered by mortgage loans is that the loan payments include insurance against fires, natural disasters or any type of accident.

All this protects your investment from any unexpected accident.

It’s better to be insured for everything and not need it; to have needed it and not have it.

If you want to buy a house in Mallorca, don’t forget to contact your real estate agent!

They can get you in touch with excellent lenders. 

Visit Mallorca and keep investing here!

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