Property on Blueprints

Advantages of Buying a Property on Blueprints


A property on blueprints is not more than the design of a house and the construction plan without any structure already made.

Can you imagine buying a property like this in Mallorca?

Here are some advantages of acquiring a property on blueprints.

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Property on Blueprints

It may sound like a crazy idea to acquire a property just by looking at it in plans, but many people do the same.

It’s a different and profitable process.

To know if this type of business suits you, you need to ask yourself:

What advantages will a process like this bring to me?

It’s a fine investment

The investment will grow while the property is being built.

The price is established long before starting to build, so the revaluation is a practically assured fact.

For example, the property won’t have the same value at this exact moment while it’s still on the blueprints, than at the value it has when it’s being built, nor at the value it will have already built, much less at the value it could achieve when it’s decorated or fully furnished.

In this way, you will win back the investment you made… plus the profit at the cost of the property at the time of resale.

You can improve the design to your like

You have every right to demand a personalization of the property.

After all, it’s yours.

You already paid for it, and this allows you to have total control over the project.

Being under construction, gives you the advantage to talk to the person in charge of the construction process.

You can easily propose modifications to the structure of the property to make it more to your likes.

As long as you don’t exceed the basic characteristics of the initial construction this won’t be a problem in the main design agreed upon based on the prices.

Property on Blueprints

It’s a cheaper option

It’s generally very profitable to invest in the construction sector than in a property that has already been built in its entirety.

This is because the property is acquired with the price of the cost of the materials and labor of the moment.

While, in a property already built the price will increase over time.

In places like Mallorca, getting properties on blueprints or still in construction is an excellent business.

Since they will never reach the prices of luxurious villas already made or apartments on the beach that can be worth a lot of money.

In addition, you have the possibility to pay by installments while the construction is done.

You won’t need to request a mortgage loan.

Nor gather all the money at once to pay an initial much more expensive than the fees offered.

If you are interested, you can contact your trusted real estate agent.

Sure they will help you find the perfect property for you, according to your needs.

Don’t forget to visit Mallorca and if you want to find out more information, don’t miss our next articles.

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