amazing beach clubs on Mallorca

Amazing beach clubs on Mallorca II


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? You can’t miss the opportunity of visiting these amazing beach clubs on Mallorca.  

Amazing Beach Clubs on Mallorca

PuroBeach Club

PuroBeach Club its located in Cala Estancia, a small peninsula close to Palma de Malloca. And even though is not in the beach per se, it’s a really nice alternative if you don’t want to deal with sand and crowds.

It offers a 180-degree view of the beach in its almost cylindrical shaped building and is filled with a happy and relaxing environment. You can enjoy a wellness experience with Spa treatments, sunbathe or take a yoga class in the facilities of the club.

The food you can find in PuroBeach Club is a flavorful international style. And at night-time you can enjoy music from Dj’s that definitely know how to capture de mood of the place.

Mhares Sea Club

It’s a well-known beach club on Mallorca, with an amazing sea view and a perfect landscape of the mountains in the distance.

Here you can have a sunbathe in their sunloungers, cool off at the pool, chill taking a walk through the beautiful facilities, taste gourmet dishes, have a massage, or simply enjoy the serenity that the Mediterranean Sea offers you.

Accana Summer Club

This Summer Club was opened in 2016 and it’s located in Camp de Mar, in the southwest of the island. Here you can enjoy great food, drink and a relaxing environment.

The food of the place is quite an experience with their gourmet dishes worthy of high quality cuisine; and the bar makes you feel like if you were in a luxurious safari.

But the main reason to go to Accana Summer Club is their breathtaking landscapes of the sea.

Visit Mallorca! And don’t miss the opportunity of having the time of your life in these amazing Beach Clubs!

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