Archaeological deposits of Son Real

Archaeological deposits of Son Real, Santa Margalida


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Know the archaeological deposits of Son Real, they are amazing!

Archaeological deposits of Son Real

The archaeological deposits are located in the public villa of Son Real in Santa Margalia. It is a large cemetery with round-shaped tombs about 3 meters in diameter. There are also other shaped small talayote square or rectangular.

In several of these tombs there are some rectangular holes, which to this day we still don’t know what they were for.

This necropolis was acquired by the Government of the Balearic Islands in 2002; to be preserved as natural and ethnological values.

Access from Son Bauló beach

To access the necropolis, you must go to Son Bauló beach, which connects Can Picafort with the site. The beach of San Bauló is a large, fine-grained beach with cliffs of medium height; and there is an outlet of the torrent that gives the beach its name. As a starting point you can use the bus stop of the Hotel Janeiro, from there to the necropolis there are about 0.93 miles.

It’s believed that the necropolis dates back to the Talayotic era, but since the 1960s, numerous archaeological excavations have been carried out to obtain more information about the place, but the results have been scarce.

It’s believed that at first it was a cemetery for upper class, which evolved over time and continued to be used during Roman times, which can be evidenced by the ritual changes that are observed in the form of burials.

Islet of Els Porros

In addition, from the archaeological deposits you can see the islet of Els Porros. All this, make Son Real a space of great interest and ideal to enjoy the natural and cultural aspects typical of Mallorca.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the archaeological deposits of Son Real and its wonders.

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