Art Galleries in Mallorca (I)


If within your plans you are going to visit or move in to Mallorca, surely you will want to discover every corner of this spectacular Mediterranean island.

In this article we bring you the best art galleries in Mallorca, a useful guide for all those interested in the art.


The capital of the island, Palma, has more galleries per capita than any other city in Spain. So, we bring you our collection of the best art galleries you can find in Palma de Mallorca, if you are interested in art, you can’t miss them.

HM Gallery

The HM Gallery is located behind La Lonja. In its 5000 square meters it exhibits some of the most important and ambitious expositions at international level of the island. You must check it out!


Pelaires opened its doors to the public in 1969; is one of the galleries with the longest career in contemporary art exhibitions throughout Spain. For art lovers, to visit Pelaires is essential, both for the contemporary art exhibitions shown and for the historical architecture of the place.

The Pelaires Gallery has some of the works of the most significant names of the international artistic world.

Veintinueve Gallery

The Veintinueve Gallery is located in Carrer de Can Puigdorfila, very close to the Borne. Veintinueve is a meeting place for art lovers, an alternative and independent space where incredible experiences are shared and projects are carried out with numerous contemporary artists.

La Caja Blanca

A few steps from the Veintinueve Gallery you will find the gallery La Caja Blanca. An independent art gallery specializes in producing projects by both contemporary and emerging artists.

3C3 ART Gallery

This gallery has an exhibition of temporary art samples from quite promising artists, however, usually exposes exhibitions of prestigious artists of the nineteenth and twentieth century’s.

We hope that our post on the Art Galleries in Mallorca will allow you to discover another of the greatest treasures of this spectacular island! And don’t miss the next post!

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