Art Galleries in Mallorca (II)


In this article we bring you a continuation of the best art galleries in Palma de Mallorca, a useful guide for all those interested in the art.

Rialto Living

At Rialto Living you will find very exciting exhibitions. This gallery shows signs of impressive artistic talent. You have to visit the Rialto Living gallery to enjoy emerging or established artists, both international and local.

Kewenig Gallery

A few steps from Rialto Living, is located Kewenig Gallery, an architectural masterpiece that you can’t miss. The Kewenig Gallery features works by established artists and emerging young artists; they work will leave you astonished.

Pep Llabrés Gallery

On the shopping street Carrer Sant Jaume you will find peace and quiet in Pep Llabrés. This gallery opened its doors on April 9, 2015 and since then has been combining activities, both art exhibitions and any other type of event, always within the world of contemporary art.

Xavier Fiol Gallery

A few steps from the Pep Llabrés Gallery you will find the Xavier Fiol Gallery. Both galleries feature impressive minimalist interiors. If you like geometric abstraction, we assure you that you will find things that will be really interesting to you.

ABA Art Lab

This modern loft is dedicated to young and emerging art. If you are interested in acquiring knowledge of local artists, ABA Art Lab can do it very well. This private area provides examples of sketches, sample files and amazing works in progress.

Maior Gallery

The gallery was founded in Pollença in 1990 and since then has been promoting contemporary art. In July 2004 Maior opened its doors in Palma, this space is located a few steps from the loft ABA Art Lab, and is a small place but very well conceived. Despite its small space, it’s an influential place that collaborates with some of the most important international art exhibitions.

We hope that our post about the Art Galleries in Mallorca will allow you to discover another of the greatest treasures of this spectacular island!

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