Arta, Town in Mallorca


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? You can’t stop visiting Artá, it’s an amazing town.

Arta Town

Artá is a fairly traditional village that is located in the middle of a large valley just at the foot of a small mountain in the northwest of Mallorca.

It’s a town that remains true to its origins and has not undergone changes, all to maintain its traditional Mallorcan charm that attracts lots of tourism.

Production of Ceramics & Basketry

The surroundings of Arta have been known for many decades for their production of ceramics and basketry. In fact, archaeological excavations revealed tissue fibers that suggested that basketry may have been one of the oldest trades on the island.

Many Attractions

There are many attractions in Artá. You can visit the parochial church Transfiguracio del Senyor; know the Sanctuary of SAnt Salvador and its fortified battlements; and of course, you can also take a walk through the Islamic fortress of Almudaina d’Artá, with its spectacular views of the entire town.


In addition, Artá ​​has its own regional museum with a very complete exhibition, it’s located next to the town hall in Plaça d’Espanya. Without a doubt, it’s worth visiting, it’s amazing.

Variety of restaurants

Artá is also known for having a wide variety of restaurants. One of the best known is Na Creu, it’s a modern restaurant that offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine of excellent quality; you can enjoy the food while you admire the different artworks that are exhibited in the place, which are also for sale.

Living in Artá

As for living in Arta, it’s a town with narrow alleys and stone houses. There are many renovated properties, especially in the center of the town. Their prices vary depending on the reform, but it is very common to find houses around 1 million Euros. This is because it’s a very tourist area.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the traditional wonders that you can find in Artá

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