Find out about one of the hidden beauties of Mallorca, sure you haven’t heard of Banyalbufar. But don’t worry, here we will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing place, read on!

Banyalbufar is a picturesque mountain town located to the west of the island of Mallorca, towards the coastal region.

With the Sierra de Tramuntana in the background and surrounded by smaller mountains, it’s a town full of isolated farms and vineyards. It’s a corner full of history and the authentic Mallorcan culture wherever you see it.


The name of the town comes from a combination of Arabic and Catalan, meaning “founded by the sea”. This is because it was an area inhabited and cultivated by Arabs in the 10th century.

The Arabs built around 2000 houses on the slopes of the mountain and also implemented an irrigation system with aqueducts, which still works perfectly to these days.


It was known to be a growing area for the Malvasia grape. This is a desired and well-recognized grape variety for wine production.

It’s even believed that the King of Aragon was very fond of wine from the area, which was a decisive motivational factor in the reconquest of Mallorca by Jaume I.

Nowadays, after a few years, the wine growers of Banyalbufar have reused malvasia grapes in the creation of their wines with great success.

Living in Banyalbufar

This town is a quiet place, surrounded by some others mountain villages with the same charm and relaxing feeling.

It’s full of history, winding streets and agricultural systems. Take your time to admire the surroundings and explore all that the town has to offer, since the calm and feeling of relaxation offered by such a place is not achieved anywhere.

Also, not everything is town, mountain and beach. You also have the possibility to buy what you need in the many shops of the place. Of course, most offer local products, but they are made of the best quality possible.

In addition, it’s worth visiting the local wineries, very famous for its variety of Malvasia wine.


What to do

Being in the place and the adjacent towns is an attraction in itself. But you have a lot to do in Banyalbufar.

You can climb the mountains and traverse the difficult roads for some action. It’s an area known for cyclists and hikers.

You can also forget about the high mountains with their impressive rocks and visit the calas and the tranquilizing beaches of the place, which usually don’t have so much influx of tourists for being a hidden gem of Mallorca.

Properties in Banyalbufar

Anyone interested in authentic Mallorca will find their ideal place here in Banyalbufar.

You can find houses within the town or even a rustic farm in the countryside with large land. The prices of these properties vary considerably and some can cost up to 25 million euros.

But with so much variety, if you have a more adjusted budget, buying properties for 300,000 euros will be easier than you think.

Don’t miss more hidden treasures of Mallorca!

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