Belmond La Residencia

Belmond La Residencia in Mallorca


Do you want to know more about what you can do in Mallorca? Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting Belmond La Residencia, an artistic oasis of rustic beauty you must know.

Belmond La Residencia

La Residencia is located in the beautiful village of Deiá. It’s a hotel dedicated to rest, art and life.

As it says on its website “Belmond La Residencia is a place that knows luxury-and life-is best served chilled.”

Its views of the town, the sea and the mountains are so wonderful that many artists and writers prefer to spend their day here; away from the crowds and surrounded by the calm and beauty that inspires the place.

Just imagine being in the hotel, relaxed and having a refreshing drink while you admire the view and at the same time observe several talented artists painting the beautiful landscape. It would be great, isn’t it?

What can you find in Belmond La Residencia?

The hotel offers you many possibilities. You can learn to paint; get to know the culture of the region; go hiking in the mountains; eat the most delicious dishes; and feel like royalty resting in a magical place. And that’s just a short summary, keep reading:

Outdoor and indoor pool

Enjoy the hotel pools, there are two. The outdoor pool surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Sierra de Tramuntana, the majestic view of the village and the radiant sun of Mallorca will surely make you feel like in heaven.

The indoor, fully heated pool is perfect for relaxing and resting. You can also find a sauna and a Jacuzzi next to the Spa.


The Spa is worthy of admiration thanks to its personalized therapeutic treatments.

Enjoy a day full of luxury at the Spa, where they will know how to treat you and pamper you as you deserve while admiring the perfection of the view on the terrace.

Art Gallery

Obviously you cannot say that you went to Belmond La Residencia if you don’t know the art gallery of the hotel. In it you will find more than 750 artworks from both Mallorcan and international artists. In addition, concerts are also held daily throughout the year, they are splendid!

Belmond La Residencia

Sculpture garden

As you can enjoy the gallery, you can also find one of the largest and most beautiful sculpture gardens in Spain.

There you can find pieces by international sculptors; fun artworks; more elegant ones; sculptures by first-time artists and more. It’s an artistic journey that is worth seeing.


The hotel has a boutique that offers a variety of items. You will have at your disposal everything from local crafts, to very beautiful clothes for your stay.

And if your thing is more athletic …

The hotel has a well-equipped gym, which has even a Turkish bath and a sauna. You will also enjoy private training sessions and free weight lifting area.

Also the hotel has two tennis courts in excellent condition. Just imagine playing a couple of sets surrounded by the majesty of the Sierra de Tramuntana

Don’t miss visiting Belmond La Residencia, you will fall in love with the place when you arrive!

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