best beaches to go with your pet in mallorca

The best beaches to go with your pet in Mallorca


Do you have pets? Do you want to take them to the beach with you but don’t know if it’s forbidden? Today we bring you the best beaches to go with your pet in Mallorca!

The top beaches to go with your pet in Mallorca

These are located in the regions of Pollença, Santa Margalida, Palma de Mallorca and Andratx.

All the island’s “pet-friendly” beaches are characterized by a very warm experience where the landscape is undoubtedly beautiful.

Llenaire beach

Among the beaches for pets in Mallorca, we find the beach of Llenaire. It’s located in Port de Pollença and is one of several beaches that offer the entire island of Mallorca.

You can visit the beach of Llenaire next to your dear pet every month of the year.

This white and fine sandy beach stretches along approximately 600 meters of the coast of Port de Pollença, attractive for its crystal clear waters and its great services like toilets, showers and even also rentals of hammocks and umbrellas.

The rules that must be respected are:

  • Dogs must be accompanied at all times by their owner and respect the rest of the visitors.
  • Should wear a leash and if it is considered an aggressive breed is also mandatory the use of muzzle.
  • You must also carry your pet’s identification and have waste disposal bags to collect their excrement from the beach.

Na Patana beach in Santa Margalida

Santa Margalida is a beautiful Mallorcan town, very relaxing, and warm; is located in the region of Pla de Mallorca and is ideal for a quiet vacation on the beach.

You can enter the beach of Na Patana with your pet 365 days a year; this urban beach stretches along a 100-meter sandy beach that offers a fun and cheerful atmosphere every day of the year.

Its swell is moderate so it’s perfect to take a swim with your pet; also has all the necessary services to spend an excellent day by the sea.

The rules that must be respected are:

  • You must respect all the basic rules of conduct of Spanish beaches and ensure that your pet doesn’t disturb the rest of swimmers.
  • Pets must keep their documentation in order and be accompanied at all times by an adult.

And you? Have you visited any of these beaches for pets in Mallorca with your furry little friend? Share your experience in the comments below!

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