The best beaches in Mallorca Part I


When we think about Mallorca we can’t forget that it is an island, therefore it contains many beautiful beaches all around it. Mallorca has beaches in every direction you look and each one is even more beautiful than the other.

Best Beaches in Mallorca

So, today we will give you a short summary of the best beaches you can find in Mallorca, because we don’t want you to forget to check them out when you come to this wonderful Island.

Cala Mondragó

This bay of the east coast is undoubtedly one of the best beaches you can visit, the environment is totally natural, is surrounded by a large pine forest, the sand is completely white and soft, the color of the water is a beautiful turquoise, which allows you to see where you are walking, that’s why it is perfect for visiting with small children; As well as having amenities nearby, such as bars that offer drinks and food.


This beach located in the province of Formentor is well known because many celebrities love to spend vacations there, and who wouldn’t want to? It is a very tranquilizing beach with those crystalline waters characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea with few waves always at your disposal. You can also find all the necessary amenities, as the Barceló Hotel is quite close.

Es Trenc 

It is a wonderful paradisiacal beach that you cannot miss, totally isolated, has no nearby constructions, beside a couple of kiosks where you can get drinks or snacks, the rest is only beautiful vegetation and dunes. It is one of the longest beaches on the island, the water is crystal clear and calm without many waves; Also has a nudist area at one of its ends with hot springs and much more.

If what we need is a time off, and what we are looking for is a very tropical place with splendid beaches and the tranquility of this type of environment to enjoy with your significant other or your family, what better place to do it than Mallorca?

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