Mou-te bé in Mallorca

Bicycles – Mou-te bé in Mallorca


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Meet Mou-te Bé in Mallorca, the public bicycle service to move around Palma from the Plaza de Espanya. They are very useful!

Mou-te bé in Mallorca

The bicycle has established itself as a perfect alternative to travel in short distances and better enjoyed to tour the tourist sites because they allow a lot of mobility without too much effort.

Quality bicycles to be used by both tourists and residents

The Mou-te Bé in Mallorca is fully equipped with quality bicycles to be used by both tourists and residents of the island. It also has bicycles equipped with seats to transport small children.

And, with the Mou-te Bé public bicycle service, people over 18 years old can have a bicycle all day long thanks to the promotion offered by the CTM, where: if they have traveled by bus, metro or train with a T20 or T40 credit, they can use it without paying.

The persons authorized to use these bicycles must be the holders of the rental contract or the holder of an intermodal card; a contract of assignment and responsibility must also be signed to guarantee the quality of the service too.

Return Policy

In addition to that, the only thing to take into account, is that they must be returned the same day they have been rented before the end of the service.

Intermodal station, Plaza de Espanya in Palma

The place for the return of bicycles is the information point of the intermodal station, in the Plaza de Espanya in Palma. And they open every day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Of course there are certain conditions of use that will be clarified at the time of renting the public bicycle, such as: respecting traffic regulations, driving in the right lane if there is no bike lane, wearing helmets, maintaining a safe distance, among others things.

Visit Mallorca and don’t be afraid to tour the city on a public bicycle, they are very useful and you won’t have to deal with the fatigue of walking.

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