Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Keep reading all the exciting things we have to say about Binissalem.


Binissalem is a small municipality in the district of Raiguer on Mallorca; it is located in the center of the island, northeast of the town of Palma.

This town is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy a “natural agro tourism”; while you stay at a country hotel or just relax watching natural surroundings.

Mixed culture of Locals & International Residents

But if you want to move in, Binissalem also has excellent things to offer you. It enjoys a mixed culture of locals and international residents. And being a couple miles away from the capital Palma it’s also considered a perfect place to live if you are a country-lover looking for an authentic slice of Mallorcan life.

Buy a house in Binissalem

If you want to buy a house in Binissalem, you can expect prices from 150,000 to around 300,000 euros for a common apartment or a modest town house.

Good access to amenities and shops

This municipality has good access to amenities and shops thanks to the larger towns fairly close by. The beaches of Soller, Alcudia and Pollensa are close enough too, as is the magnificent Tramuntana mountain range.

Grape growing and wine production

It’s also difficult to hear mention Binissalem without hearing the word “wine” in the same sentence. That’s because grape growing and wine production are one of the many industries in the place. In fact, one of the finest and renowned Mallorcan wines is cultivated here, the “Pliny the Elder”

This town also has quite a reputation for producing fine woodwork and stonework, you can still find active quarries near the town. Binissalem is the perfect location for doing authentic souvenir shopping, because items of stone, cloth, pottery, sculpture and painting are sold by the local artist in this area.

Visit Mallorca and don’t forget to go to Binissalem, it is an amazing experience.

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