rustic land in Mallorca

Build a house on rustic land in Mallorca


Do you want to build your house in Mallorca? Here are certain things that will be useful for you. Keep reading and don’t miss everything you need to know about how to build a house on rustic land in Mallorca.

If what you are looking for is to build a house in Mallorca, you should know that you have to follow certain regulations for the process.

These parameters necessary to start a construction are dedicated, above all, to the location of the property, since, it cannot be built anywhere you want. And for that, there is Norm 20 of the Plan of Territorial Arrangement of Mallorca.

What is rustic land in Mallorca?

There are different types of lands in Mallorca and current Spanish regulations for all of them. In order to build, it’s necessary to know in which places it is allowed and in which places it is not.

Rustic land

Is one that, according to the territorial urban plan, is qualified as such for fulfilling the following characteristics:

– Must belong to a special area of ​​interest

– Be an area where you have to prevent certain risks

– Being a rural area with scenic interest

– Area of ​​agricultural interest (transition, cultivation, forests, etc.)

rustic land in Mallorca

Protected rustic land

There are also rustic lands that cannot be used for buildings because they are protected, among them are:

  • Growth Transition Areas
  • Natural Areas of Special Interest (High Level of Protection)
  • Natural Areas of Special Interest
  • Territorial Protection Areas
  • Rural Areas of Landscape Interest – Forested

By being protected areas, they are excluded from urban development and, therefore, no type of construction can be built on them. This has the purpose of preserving the natural environment of Mallorca and maintaining the beauty it has.

But, if the construction you want to make is located in a place classified as common rustic land then you will not have any problem to make the house of your interest, always complying with the requirements of the norm 20 of the territorial plan of Mallorca.

Necessary requirements to build a house in Mallorca

Can I build whatever I want? No, you cannot. The regulation establishes that there are a series of conditions that must be followed or obtained so that the city council of the place can give the approval of the project.

The current regulations of Mallorca for construction on rustic land states that:

– The maximum construction area in the plot should be 2% or 3%, depending on the land classification.

– The maximum height must be less than 2 floors and 8 meters, starting from the level of the ground floor of the building to the roof of the building. (This also depends on the type of land, the type of housing and the location).

– The maximum percentage of occupation must be 3% or 4%, depending on the qualification of rustic land.

– The rest of the plot that is not occupied by construction or any other type of construction must be kept in a natural state or in an agricultural, livestock or forestry operation.

– The surface of the porches may not exceed 20% of the area occupied by the rest of the construction.

If you want to build a house on rustic land in Mallorca, look for professional advice!

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