Where to buy house in Mallorca


Do you want to move to Mallorca, but you aren’t sure which area is the best to buy your new house? Today’s article is just what you need then. Find out where to buy house in Mallorca. 

Stay and find out about the benefits of buying houses on the coast, in the mountains or in the city of Mallorca, so you know which the option that best suits your needs is.

Buying a House in Mallorca

Mallorca is an island with a unique variety of landscapes and being the largest of the Balearic Islands has a wide range of properties in different places with different characteristics, which make it an excellent place to live.

Live in the city

Living in the cities of Mallorca will give you many opportunities.

Not only can you enjoy all the benefits of the proximity of shops, restaurants, markets, hotels, and job offers, but also have the opportunity to enjoy the other environments without having to travel too far for it.

It will be like having vacations every time you want, while being in the city.

It has all the services and facilities necessary for anyone to live well.

The capital of Mallorca is called Palma de Mallorca and it’s the eighth most populated city in Spain, but it’s characterized by its excellent lifestyle and being one of the most comfortable urban nucleus of Spain.

The offer of properties is quite varied; you can find houses, apartments, villas, and more.

Although for being a city so populated, finding properties at a good price is no easy task.

Where to buy house in Mallorca: In the mountains

The houses on the mountain or in the countryside of Mallorca are very sought after by people who really want to settle permanently or for a long time on the island.

The island is well known for having magnificent landscapes with autochthonous vegetation and fauna.

Seeing the Sierra de Tramuntana you can realize the natural wealth of Mallorca.

In addition, it has very noble soils that allow fields and fields of crops and livestock.

Towns such as Valldemossa, Deiá and Banyalbufar, are perfect to move and enjoy both the tranquility of the countryside.

where to buy house in Mallorca

All of this without losing access to the city.

You can find great variety in properties, but it’s more common to find country houses, typical Mallorcan houses and villas.

Prices vary depending on the area and the type of house.

Living on the Coast

Being an island, the most territory in Mallorca is beach. So, it’s to be expected that there are many properties near the coast.

People who want to acquire a property on the coast are aware of the main attraction of Mallorca, its weather.

A Mediterranean climate throughout the year is like a dream for many, especially foreigners from countries with temperate climates.

If what you are looking for is a property near the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, while you enjoy the good weather and access to the rest of the amenities of the island, then Mallorca is an excellent option for you.

The demand for properties is also quite high on the coast, but the areas of Son Serra de Marina, Alcudia or Sa Rápita are perfect for living in front of the sea.

Were you wondering where to buy house in Mallorca? We hope you found this post useful.

What are you waiting for? Come to Mallorca and don’t miss anything of this wonderful island!

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