Cala Bóquer

Cala Bóquer


Do you want to know a little more about Mallorca? Don’t miss out on what we have to say about Cala Bóquer.

If your thing is to hike, go for a walk and get to know everything you can of the island, then you must visit Cala Bóquer.

Cove Cala Bóquer, 300 meters long

It’s a cove of about 300 meters long, located just over 1.5 miles from Port de Pollença. It stands out for its impressive limestone cliffs.

Access is free

You can make an excursion to Cala Bóquer every day of the week throughout the year, access is free and you can get there easily by bus. The estimated time of the route for each direction you wish to take is 40 minutes long, and without a doubt, it’s a great experience.

Perfect to go with small children

The walk starts at the Port de Pollença stop and is a very simple route, so it’s perfect to go with the small children. In addition, it’s also a cove free of stones so swimming won’t be a danger to anyone.

Bóquer is located near the Sierra de Tramuntana, from the beginning of the route and if you look west you can appreciate the mountains that surround the entire municipality, two urban centers and the bay of Pollença.


Another characteristic element of the route to Cala Bóquer is the Talayotic settlement, where you can find remains of its civilization known as Bocchoris, which is one of the most important Talayotic settlements on the island. It’s believed to be a construction around 1000 BC.

Some sources indicate that in the third century AD there was still Bocchorum, but later the city would be absorbed by Pollèntia, next to the current Alcúdia, founded in 123 BC. by the consul Quinto Cecilio Metelo.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the wonderful tour to Cala Bóquer, it’s simply amazing.

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