Cala Falcó in Mallorca

Cala Falcó in Mallorca


Do you want to know more amazing places in Mallorca? Then you have to visit Cala Falcó, a small beach that will make you go crazy with its charms. It’s a must go!

Cala Falcó

It’s a small, almost virgin beach located in the municipality of Calvia in the southwest of Mallorca.

Specifically, about 6.5 kilometers from Magaluf and 20 minutes from Palma.

This beach is 50 meters long and 60 meters deep, made of golden sand.

Also, it’s located in a cave that protects it from strong winds.

This is why it’s very popular among yachtiess who stop by Cala Falcó often and whoever enjoys a relaxing day on the beach.

Being a virgin beach, it has no hotels or shops, only meters and meters of pure nature away from the noise of more touristic places like Magaluf and Palma Nova.

This place is perfect to escape from the crowds for a day!

The only thing you will find on the beach to satisfy your basic needs such as bathrooms, refreshing drinks/cocktails and delicious food is a small wooden cabin that will prevent you from starving during the day.

You will enjoy beautiful landscapes

Not only can you enjoy the clear and calm waters of Cala Falcó, but you will also admire the beautiful landscapes of the place.

From the beach you can see s’Illot Del Sec, an islet just half a nautical mile from the area.

Very close to there is one of the most important and significant shipwrecks in Mallorca, a Greek ship with a lot of history.

A hidden treasure of Mallorca

It’s not an easy beach to find; therefore it is much more popular with locals and young foreigners than among tourists who visit Mallorca every year.

Which is why it doesn’t have as many people as other beaches closer to Magaluf and Palma Nova.

Attractions of Cala Falcó

Being a small beach, the space is somewhat limited.

You can rent sunbeds and sunbathe, without annoying noises and more than enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that Cala Falcó offers you.

You cannot do water sports or practice any activity other than swimming or snorkeling due to space, that’s why it’s such a quiet place.

And sometimes, that is just what those who visit Cala Falcó need.

Access and security

It’s a very safe beach, with deep and calm waters.

It has free parking along the dirt roads where you can leave your car safe.

Getting to Cala Falcó is not as complicated as you might think, it’s just that the road to the beach is not completely marked, which makes it difficult for tourists who don’t know the area.

But nothing that a GPS or asking people doesn’t solve.

Something you must know too is that you can only get there by car or by walking, since public transport or tourist buses don’t reach the beach.

The access to Cala Falcó for disabled people is quite limited, due to its long staircase to the beach. You can’t get there in a wheelchair.

If you want to enjoy a quiet day at the beach, away from the crowds, visit Cala Falcó

And don’t miss visiting Mallorca to learn more about its charms!

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