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Majorca natural attractions: Caves in Majorca (p2)


Do you want to know more about the Caves in Majorca? Find out the natural attractions of the island: its caves. They are amazing! In the previous post we mention some of the wonderful caves you can find in Majorca, today we will talk you about some other impressive and beautiful caves of the island.

Majorca natural attractions: Caves in Majorca

Genova’s Caves in Majorca

Inside a neighborhood in the locality of Genova you will find the Genova’s caves, they are the smallest of the entire island and they were discovered in 1906.

They reach 36 meters underground; you can easily appreciate the same geological formations that you find in the largest caves of Majorca, along with the amazing lighting. It’s quite a spectacle.

Inside Genova’s caves you will find domes, pools and other impressive structures. If you want to visit to the interior of the cave, you can arrange a tour in small groups of people and a guide. Check the website here.

The proximity to Palma makes these caves an attractive place to visit, but keep in mind that the caves are located in a residential area and you have to access through the backyard of a restaurant known as La Cueva.

Cuevas Dels Hams in Majorca

These well known worldwide caves are located in Porto Cristo. Discovered in 1905, they were the first caves available to the public in Spain in 1910.

The Dels Hams caves attract a lot of tourists to the island because they are well known for their large number of enclosures and their hook-shaped formations.

If you visit these caves you can get into The Blue Cave, a cave with spectacular blue lighting, where you will see a projection of a didactic documentary related to the history of the island and the discovery of the caves.

The next space to visit in the tour is the Classic Cave, made up of 12 galleries and the underground lake, the Sea of Venice, where you can experience a musical show, but you won’t be able to navigate it like the lake that is in the Coves of Drach.  Click here to find out more.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this two wonderful caves! 😉

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