Christmas Holidays in Mallorca

Christmas holidays in Mallorca (p3)


Have you ever wondered how Christmas is like in Majorca? To continue with the previous article, in this post you will find out more about Christmas Holidays in Mallorca.

Christmas Holidays in Mallorca

5th of January in Majorca

The night of the 5th of January is once again a very moving scene for the Majorcan children. According to ancient traditions, children place a shoe full of straw and a wish list or a vase of water on the window-sill. This way the camels that pass through the household receive provisions to complete their journey, while the Three Wise Men leave gifts as a reward symbol.

Now visible to all, the three Kings arrive during the night of January 5 by boat to the port of Palma. A group of 400 people and more than twenty festive carts, fireworks and music are waiting for them.

After the Kings have changed the boat for the camels and have arranged their layers, tucked crowns and breeches pants, the caravan begins to move – according to the legend – from the dock by Passeig Sagrera, Jaume II, Borne towards Plaza de Cort, the Town Hall Square. On the way they throw candy to the crowd of people.

In the smaller municipalities of Majorca, the parents bring the gifts to the parish priest, who does the work of giving them to the kings, and they, coming on a donkey or on a horse, give them to the children.

January 6 in Majorca

January 6 in Majorca is reserved exclusively for children, the Spanish family and the kings. During this day the children receive a coin or a coffee bean included in the Coca de Reyes, and then they get crowned like King of the Day with a crown of gold paper.

It was claimed that whoever received the grain or the coin would have their fortunes secured for the beginning year.

But, this is not all; under the magnificent Cathedral of Palma takes place a function called “Devoción de los Reyes”. This theater function represents characters of the Bible who convey in an ironic, fun and sometimes sarcastic way the current issues of politics.

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