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9 Practical Tips to Achieve a Cleaning Routine in the Home


Having a cleaning routine is the best thing to keep your home clean and organized. And if you are a busy person, without a doubt, it is indispensable.

Why? Simple: the more often you do it, the less you have to clean and sort.

Therefore, a good idea is to have a daily routine to keep your home with an orderly and neat appearance all the time.

Find out how to achieve a cleaning routine in the home.

In the garage…

Let’s start with the basics.

Attention: the garage is not a place to deposit everything that we no longer occupy.

Use shelves to organize what you need, everything else, now that a new year begins, donate, give away or sell.

How to keep the living room clean?

Straighten all the pillows of the sofa, which is one of the main focal points of the room.

Magazines, books, games and DVDs should be stored in an appropriate place.

Use a manual vacuum to pick up any remaining debris or dust from the floor.

If you have carpets…

The carpets are incredible accessories.

They bring elegance, color and style.

However, if they are dirty they do not shine.

Vacuum them regularly and do not leave things on them that obstruct the passage.

How to get an organized dining room

Leave the dining table always clear, just with a decorative object.

Clean the surface, accommodate the chairs and sweep or vacuum the floor.

If you have hanging lamps, remove dust. And if the space has large windows, clean them every week.

Tip: ventilate all areas daily, it is a good way to avoid humidity.

Cleaning tips in the kitchen

How to achieve a cleaning routine at home and in the kitchen? Empty the dishwasher.

Do not leave the sink full of dirty dishes.

Clean the countertops and fronts of the appliances.

Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off any splatter on the floor.

Give the floor a quick sweep and, do not forget: take out the trash.

Cleaning routine in the bathroom

  • Clean the sink, mirror stains and faucets after using them.
  • Disinfect the seat and the edge of the toilet with a cloth.
  • Replace any towel with a clean one.
  • Check the floor.
  • Sweep or wash as needed.

Studio cleaning

When you finish a book, put it in the corresponding library or shelf.

Do not leave papers on the desk, do not reuse trash cans.

Keep all surfaces clean, without incense objects.

And if you have plants: water them.

Bedroom cleaning

How to achieve a cleaning routine in the home, specifically, in the bedroom?

Without a doubt, it’s easier than you think.

  • Make your bed every morning.
  • A messy bed will make even the cleanest bedroom look like a mess.
  • Collect all the clothes.
  • Clean clothes fold or hang dirty things into the basket.
  • Save the jewelry and other items on the night table.
  • Check the floor.
  • Vacuum or clean the area as needed.

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