Colonia Sant Jordi

Colonia Sant Jordi in Mallorca


Do you want to know more amazing places in Mallorca? You cannot miss everything that Colonia Sant Jordi has for you, keep reading!

Colonia Sant Jordi

Colonia Sant Jordi, also known as San Jorge, is within the municipality of Ses Salines, located at the southernmost point of the island.

It’s one of the energetic resorts in the coastal area southeast of Mallorca.

It used to be a small traditional fishing village, but over the years it has changed considerably and has much more to offer than fish.

Activities in Colonia Sant Jordi

Being a very busy tourist complex, it attracts a multitude of visitors and athletes. Who come to enjoy to the fullest all the wonders that Sant Jordi offers.

From natural wonders to the energy and charm of the town.

Colonia de Sant Jordi has the incredible luck of being close to some of the major natural attractions of Mallorca, such as:

The beach of Es Trenc; the national park of Mondrag贸; the excellent beaches of the coast in Santany铆; and S’Estanyol de Migjorn are just around the corner.

Sant Jordi also has several sports facilities in excellent conditions, both in the town and in the surroundings.

Thanks to this, many athletes choose Mallorca to spend their vacations without losing their routine and training.

Beaches in Colonia de Sant Jordi

The selection of beaches within Colonia Sant Jordi is quite varied.

You have busy beaches such as Platja d’Es Port and less visited beaches such as Es Carb贸 and Ses Roquetes.

Colonia Sant Jordi

Life in Colonia de Sant Jordi

Currently, Sant Jordi is a town that depends on tourism for most of its economic activity.

This is why there is much to do in the surroundings. Especially in holiday season, which is when more visitors arrive on the island.

Also, thanks to its excellent connections, you can easily reach other locations.

But just inside Sant Jordi, you can admire the beautiful contrast that is found in most villages in the southeast of Mallorca. With its busy summers and relaxed winters.

Hotels in Colonia de Sant Jordi

A curious fact that you should know is that Colonia de Sant Jordi not only has a very wide selection of hotels thanks to being an excellent holiday resort, but the Font Santa Hotel has the only thermal source in all of Mallorca, and you can enjoy its Benefits at the hotel Spa.

Properties in Colonia de Sant Jordi

To Colonia de Sant Jordi up there is a mixed and international community because it’s a holiday complex, but outside of the season it’s a fairly quiet place.

Therefore, it’s a very active area for rentals of holiday homes.

Most of the properties are usually modern apartments that vary between 170,000 Euros and one million.

Of course, there are also rural villas with an extension of land. But they are few and when one is available for sale, it reaches multimillion-dollar prices.

Don’t miss Mallorca and visit Colonia de Sant Jordi 馃槈

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