Cycling & Walking on Majorca


Want to know what is it like to walk & bike around Majorca? Don’t hesitate to read our post!

Cycling & Walking on Majorca: What is it like?

Cycling on Majorca

Majorca counts with an excellent network of cycling routes! Plus a road network of some 1.250 kilometers, so it is no surprise that cycling is a popular sport on Majorca.

In Majorca there are around 150 cycling clubs & during the cooler months, both top professional teams & keen cyclists travel to Majorca to take full advantage of the good climate & bike riding conditions.

In Palma, it is easy to travel around on a bicycle & there are plenty of official bike parks to secure the bikes while not using it. A large number of cyclists can often be found taking up lane space on the roads of Majorca.


Adults residing in Palma with their resident card can apply to join the BiciPalma system. It entitles them to use any of the scheme’s white, blue & green bicycles found at any of the 28 bike stations in 15 diverse areas of Palma.

Want to join the BiciPalma system? To join the scheme you have to pay for an annual fee & a toll for each time the bicycle is used.

Walking & Hiking on Majorca

Hiking & walking are also popular activities on the island. A lot of hikers come to Majorca to wander around the Tramuntana Mountain Range.

Palma is also an easy city to wander around, being compact & with several pedestrianized shopping areas! Ever heard Palma is considered a paradise for shoppers? Well, it’s not a lie!

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to hikes & walks around the beautiful island of Majorca. Although hiking & walking in Majorca has become more popular in the past years, most routes & paths are still rather quiet, so you will often feel like you have to whole place to yourself.

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