Driving on Majorca

Driving on Majorca, what is it like?


Majorca is large enough to offer you a variety of landscapes, yet small enough to make getting around quite easy…. but, what is it like to drive on Majorca?

Driving on Majorca: What is it like to drive on Majorca?

Overall, mains roads on Majorca are very good & traffic is often practically light –with the exception of the Capital of Palma & its surrounding areas & commuter times-.

Not surprisingly, the main road that goes through the Tramuntana Mountain has many hairpin bends, so journeys tend to take longer than one would expect for such distance. On the other hand, driving through the mountains when traffic is heavier & tourist coaches –meaning there´s a extra space needed on the bends- use the route.

Palma has a motorway ring road also known as the Via Cintura. From this road, motorways link Palma to the southwest, -Ma 1-, the north –Ma 13- & the southeast –Ma 19-.

Speed limit on motorways

The speed limit on motorways is limited to 120 kph; main roads 100 kph.  We advise you to look out for speed limit sign on the smaller roads & in villages & towns. Be aware though, that speed cameras are increasingly being used on the island.

Potential hazards when driving on the island

  • Inaccurate indicating
  • Large pelotons of cyclists –only happens at certain times of the year-
  • Pedestrian crossings located at near corners & just off roundabout exits.
  • Double parking in villages & towns
  • Some Majorcan drivers

Legal issues to have in mind when driving on Majorca

  • Seat belts must be worn by all occupants.
  • Drink & drive laws are strict. Random breath tests are carried out, so watch out.
  • Drivers should always have their licence & insurance papers
  • Guardia Civil officers are frequently found waiting on roundabouts of mainroads & often do spot checks for papers, sobriety, etc
  • A fluorescent waistcoat must be carried inside the cat, to wear in the event of a breakdown or accident

If parking on street, anywhere on Majorca, check whether or not a pre purchased ticket is needed. Palma has 16 municipal cars parks, offering more than 4.500 parking spaces.

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