Ecologic cosmetics products in Mallorca

Ecologic cosmetics products in Mallorca


Do you want to know a bit more about Mallorca? Don’t miss the offer of ecologic cosmetics products in Mallorca.

Offer of Ecologic cosmetics products in Mallorca

Beauty is an important part of every woman and man today, and it also should be ecology. So, having ecologic beauty products is the best choice to make, not only for your health but also for the environment and the animals.

The British Linda Nicolau, when she was 25, after having lots of the experience in the esthetic business, she decided to create her own brand of natural products with a high quality standard. And that’s how Econoly by Linda Nicolau was born.

Ecologic by Linda Nicolau

In Mallorca you can find a wide range of environmentally friendly products to choose from. Ecologic by Linda Nicolau is one of the famous brands in the entire island and Spain.

The brand offers sophisticated and effective products made from natural ingredients, most of them from Mallorca. In fact, the last product that caused great sensation on the buyers was one made from rosemary harvest from the Sierra de Tramuntana twice a year.

Salón Venus in Palma

As a qualified beauty therapist, she opened the famous Salón Venus in Palma, full with natural products and the best services offered you could ask.

You can find new products every season and they are sold at such a good price. Ecologic cosmetic’s range of body and facial products includes toner; day and night creams; cleansing bar for different skin type and so much more.

These products are tested in the laboratory for several months before launch; but thanks to its natural components the rate of allergy reaction is pretty low.

Don´t miss the opportunity of getting Ecologic cosmetics products in Mallorca for the best quality and the best price. They are good for you and good for environment 😉

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