economic properties in mallorca

Economic properties in Mallorca


Are you looking for cheap properties in Mallorca? Find out here the most economic properties in Mallorca you can find.

If you want to move to Mallorca, it means that you want to enjoy the good life and the amazing landscapes that this island offers you.

So, just looking for a more economical house won’t necessarily imply that you will miss out on all the amenities you deserve to enjoy in your new home.

Where to find economic properties in Mallorca?

Easy! In every town or village of Mallorca you can find properties at a good price. Even in the capital, Palma de Mallorca which is more crowded the entire year.

Each one of the localities offers you a great variety of properties for all tastes, and the prices will depend on the location and the type of property.

While it’s true that there are quite luxurious areas like Port Andraxt or Son Vida where you can find majestic villas with large terrain and spectacular decorations, it is also true that you can find houses in excellent condition at a good price without needing to be very ostentatious.

You could visit any village like Arenal or Inca and find a simple apartment in just over 150,000 Euros or visit Portixol and find properties at an average cost of 300,000 Euros.

How to find economic houses in Mallorca?

Too easy! If you don’t want to spend hours searching the internet with no result, or travel directly to Mallorca more than once and spend more money on the process

You should hire a real estate agent who can help you and know how to listen to your priorities. Mallorca real estate agents have a catalog of houses to offer and only they know the real estate market of the island better than anyone else.

You just need to express your desires very well, and surely they can find you a great place to live that fit your needs and budget

Move in to Majorca! There is a great selection of economic properties that you can find all over the island.


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