Education in Mallorca

Education in Mallorca


Do you want to know more about the Education in Mallorca? Here we bring you important information about the education you can get on this beautiful island.

Education in Mallorca: What is it like?

If you have children and want to move to Mallorca, fortunately we tell you that you have a wide range of options to choose from.

There are 3 main options regarding education in Mallorca:

Public schools

If you want to leave your child in the hands of the Spanish public education system, he or she will be assigned the school that is closer to your home of residence. Luckily there are schools in almost every town in Mallorca.

The quality of these types of schools may vary, but over the decades it has improved considerably for free education.

The best thing is that your child will be able to learn Spanish quickly, especially if they start from a young age. Although the classes are taught in Catalan and not in regular Spanish, but this doesn’t prevent that in the future they can develop naturally in both languages.

Semi-private schools

These schools are usually larger in size and accept a lot of children. Usually they are related to the Catholic Church, which makes them much more disciplinary than other schools.

And they work with a little help from the state, but they also require some payment from the parents. Although there is not a high price to pay as in private schools, and can be calculated depending on the financial situation of the parents

Private schools

They usually have the best reputation, but this is thanks to its elevated price and exclusivity. Some are quite expensive compared to the semi-private.

Paying up to 300 Euros a month (depending on the institution and the age of the child) in one of these schools is not so easy for anyone. But they certainly offer a pretty good education and discipline.

If you are going to move to Mallorca, you must know what kind of education the Island can offer.

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