Felanitx in Mallorca

Felanitx in Mallorca


Do you want to know more about the towns of Mallorca? You can’t miss the city of Felanitx in Mallorca, it’s amazing!

Felanitx in Mallorca

Felanitx is a rural city in the Pla & Llevant region (southeast of Mallorca) and is the center of the second largest wine region on the island.

It’s a city that is not more than 35 miles away from the capital Palma de Mallorca, making it a relatively tourist area with excellent hotels, restaurants and attractions.


It’s a town known for its caper crops, which are a popular ingredient in Mallorca. And now that the wine industry has resurged considerably to become the second largest region of the island to produce the best wine you can ask for, it is an excellent place to taste them. In fact, the white wines of Felanitx are exquisite.

Restaurants, Felanitx in Mallorca

Like many areas near the coast, during the winter months Felanitx becomes a quiet city. But this won’t stop you from finding a wide selection of restaurants with the best typical food of the place. For example, the restaurant Estragon is a cozy and economical place, where you can enjoy the most delicious Mediterranean specialties.

Felanitx in Mallorca

Life in Felanitx

In Felanitx you can find around 18,000 permanent residents. It’s the ideal option to soak up the local culture, without losing contact with international residents. It’s a quiet area in the winter months, but Felanitx is active throughout the year in some way or another.

Felanitx’s only problem is that it’s not easy to get there through the airport and without car, the trip is somewhat complicated. But nothing that cannot be solved if you know how public transport works in Mallorca.

Go shopping

Despite not being such a tourist city, Felanitx has excellent commercial facilities, where you can find local products such as wine and ceramics.

And you cannot miss the Sunday market where you can buy fresh products at the best prices.

What to do in Felanitx?

As Felanitx is a fairly quiet place, the relaxed atmosphere that is enjoyed is perfect to take a walk, explore the town and admire the golden stone buildings. Not to mention that you must visit the vineyards of the area, it’s an amazing experience.

You can also enjoy water sports and the beach because Felanitx is not far away from the sea. You just have to get to Portocolom, Cala Sa Nau or Cala d’Or.

Properties in Felanitx

Here you can find properties with authentic architecture of Mallorca at reasonable prices. And although the market is not very active, you can still find typical village properties for just over 50,000 euros or find villas and apartments available between 250,000 and 800,000 euros.

Of course, if you are looking for a luxurious villa (which you can also find) these can reach prices of up to 4 million euros.

Don’t miss visiting Felanitx and know all the wonders it has to offer.

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