Getting your Empadronamiento - Majorca

Getting your Empadronamiento – Majorca


Expats moving to Majorca –or any other part of Spain- will need to obtain a town hall registration, also known as an Empadronamiento, upon their arrival.

This documentation is mandatory in the legal procedures used by most formal Spanish Institutions. In particular, the Empadronamiento entitles expats to submit an application for free social security medical assistance for their families and themselves. It is useful if you are planning to import household goods to Spain and if you would like to apply for a duty free customs clearance.

It is also needed if sending expat children to schools in Majorca; and of course it´s a necessity when applying for a residence permit on the island.

If you don´t have a legal residence permit in Spain, it´s particularly important for expats to get their Empadronamiento. Every several years the Government launches a regularization process & normally expats can obtain their residence permit if they have their Empadronamiento stating you have lived here for -at least- 2 years as well as a valid passport.

Moreover, aside from the periodic regularization processes, if you prove you´ve lived in Spain for 3 years (by means of the same Empadronamiento) you can apply for a formal residence permit in the country.

Documents needed to get your Empadronamiento Certificate

The documents you must present at the Town Hall can vary from one town hall to another, but usually they are:

  • Valid passport or NIE, or
  • Property Title Copy , or
  • Leasing Contract under your name, or
  • One of the persons registered at this address must come with you in person & fill in an application to include you in the list of people registered there. Or else you will have to download a form (from the town hall´s website), have this person sign it & bring a copy of her/his ID to the town hall.

The process usually takes around 10 minutes & the certificate is issued on spot. We hope you found our post about Getting your Empadronamiento – Majorca useful!

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