Haute Cuisine in Mallorca

Haute Cuisine in Mallorca – Restaurants with Michelin Star -Part 2-


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Don’t miss the haute cuisine in Mallorca with these amazing restaurants awarded with Michelin Star.

Haute Cuisine in Mallorca

Es Fum, Costa d’en Blanes

Es Fum is considered one of the best restaurants in Mallorca. Located above the 5-star hotel St. Regis Mardavall.

Here you can enjoy the food of chef José Miguel Navarro and his team. This restaurant received the Michelin star in 2011 and it has been renewed every year since then.

You can dine inside or on the terrace contemplating the majestic view of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a seasonal restaurant, so it opens only at night from Monday to Thursday.

Its intimate setting and elegant decoration is characterized by artworks by Nils Burwitz.

Marc Fosh, Palma

The currently called Marc Fosh is a well-known restaurant in Mallorca and is located in an elegant hotel from Palma. It used to be called itself Simply Fosh back in the 2015, when it was awarded win a Michelin star. In addition, Marc Fosh was also the first British chef to receive a Michelin star in Spain before opening his own restaurant.

It has an approximate capacity of 60 people, so it is better to make reservations well in advance. The menu changes every week and for a restaurant with a Michelin star, the price of the dishes is quite reasonable.

Jardín Restaurant, Puerto Alcúdia

The Jardín restaurant is located in the north of the island. And her chef Macarena de Castro became the first woman in Mallorca to get a Michelin star in 2012. a star that she renews every year.

Dishes can be adapted after a 24-hour notice and have children’s menu. They also close during the winter, since Macarena and her team go to Uruguay where her other restaurant is located.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the haute cuisine that the island offers 😉

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