Discount On Your Rent

How To Negotiate A Discount On Your Rent


Are you renting? Keep on reading to find out how to negotiate a discount on your rent! 😎

Occasionally, when moving into a rented flat the monthly payments may seem manageable! And even economic depending on the economic situation at the time.

However, over time, work or personal situations may arise that alter the financial status. Thus, causing imbalances in the payment of the monthly installment, resulting in the accumulation of late payment installments.

Faced with these cases of economic imbalance, requesting discounts on the monthly payment is a bold option, as many owners may disagree.

Though, there are some proposals that can be presented to the landlord. Such as actions that generate a benefit for the landlord in exchange for a temporary discount on your rent.

Here are two options to get discounts on your rent.

1- Offer your services to the owner

A smart way to get rent discounts is to provide services or work in return.

So, for example, if you are an advisor in a travel agency you can offer the landlord some vacation packages or promotions in exchange for rebates during those months.

Of course, these discounts should be proportional to the service offered and the regularity of it. Because a month of free consumption in a pizzeria will not mean the same value as discounts on appliances from the largest line of stores in the country.

2- Improvements to the property

Legally the reforms of use and habitability correspond to the landlord, who must ensure that the property is in optimal condition.

However, the landlord may not be economically capable or may not have enough time to carry out the necessary reforms.

In this case you can propose to the landlord the reduction or cancellation of the monthly payment in exchange for paying for the repairs required by the property, generating a benefit for both parties.

Although this option is still an expense, you will be able to carry out the repairs periodically and you will not be obliged to cancel within a certain period of time.

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