Illetes, Mallorca


Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Discover here the wonders that await you in Illetes, don’t miss them!

All you should know about Illetes

Illetes is an excellent beach resort well known on the island of Mallorca thanks to its prestigious location and its distinguished beach clubs.

You can enjoy an atmosphere of high society and luxuries where you can easily spend a sophisticated day at the beach with enough people, enjoying and chatting comfortably until dawn.

Excellent services and amenities of all kinds

Like Bendinat and Génova, Illetes is among the most sought-after resorts in the southwestern part of Mallorca and the capital of Palma, which gives them a location full of excellent services and amenities of all kinds.


As expected, its main attraction is the beach. You can visit the head beach with all the services you need; or if you prefer, you can go to less crowded beaches, rockier and certainly more rustic, like Cala Oli for example, it is a reassuring experience and it allows you to have an amazing contact with nature.

Variety of Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

Also, the variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes for all tastes is impressive. You can find some more luxurious restaurants too; they are within the hotel complexes. But if this doesn’t convince you, you can still enjoy the gastronomic offer available in Palma and Portals, just a couple of minutes away from Illetes.

Great place to live

Despite being a busy town in summer, in winter it’s quiet and without so many tourists. Its prestigious location in the southwest of the island makes Illetes a great place to live.

The properties there are a bit more expensive than in other areas of Mallorca, but most have an excellent selection of houses with sea views that will surely make the high price worth it.

Visit Mallorca, go to Illetes and don’t miss any of the amazing experiences you can find!

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