Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Don’t miss the wonders that Inca has to offer you!

Inca, Mallorca

This city is located between Palma and Pollensa, and is the third largest city in the whole island.

Fertile land

The land that surrounds the city is quite fertile. So large agricultural fields have been established & from there is extracted much of the natural products that are sold in the city.

Inca is easily accessible

After Palma, Inca is one of the cities with a privileged location in the center of the island. It´s also easily accessible thanks to the train and the public transportation system.

Variety of shops

Inca is more like a residential area, but it has a great variety of shops to suit all tastes.

The leather capital of Mallorca

It is known as the leather capital of Mallorca, and this is due to the footwear factories and the long tradition they have on the island. In fact the renowned Mallorcan brand “Camper” has its main store in this city.

Inca´s Gastronomy

Gastronomy is also an important part of the culture of this city; its restaurants offer a great authentic experience of the local food. Especially the well-known “Celler”, small restaurants that offer local food offering a unique quality and great service.

Modern & innovative buildings

Being a city that has been improved over the years, its architectural and cultural inheritance is mixed with modern and innovative buildings, which draws many tourists every year.

Because of its large size and the fact that it’s a reformed city, there are a variety of properties with enough land for sale on the surroundings of the city & their prices are quite stable. And if you are looking for more downtown, the more modern houses cost considerably more than the other properties, but they are worth it.

Visit Mallorca; don’t miss everything that Inca has to offer. It will surprise you!

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