KATAGI Blau in Mallorca


Are you in the mood for a delicious meal at a great restaurant? Well, if so, you cannot miss Katagi Blau in Mallorca. One of the most stylish restaurants on the island, keep reading!


Inside the 5-star-hotel Llaüt Palace in El Arenal – Palma, on the top floor, you’ll find an extremely amazing restaurant: Katagi Blau. Its name means “under the sky there is no other alike” and without a doubt it suits very well with everything that this restaurant represents.

Katagi Blau is an Asian restaurant with an interesting gastronomic concept. They create Asian dishes using Mallorcan local ingredients of the best quality. You would be surprised by the delicious combinations that you can taste there.

The objective of this restaurant is quite simple: to serve excellent food and the best cocktails; & to make the client want to return, without having left yet.

It maintains its prestige since it opened its doors

Katagi Blau opened its doors to the public in June 2017. And since then it hasn’t only offered excellent reviews, but it’s also considered a true gastronomic and visual pleasure for all the diners that attend.

The owner and who made the wonderful decision to open this restaurant, after having worked for at least four years at Coast by East & Sansibar (Port Adriano), is the renowned Chef Gunnar Blishcke. The Chef Gunnar started cooking at 18 and from then he has brought success to all the restaurants he worked for.


Katagi Blau offers two different types of menu to enjoy the various Asian fusions that are served in the restaurant. On the one hand, you have dishes à la carte, that is, amazing dishes that change according to the seasons; and on the other side, you have a menu that is renewed every week and you can enjoy it from Monday to Friday without any problem.

It’s an excellent way to discover all the options. Try different combinations and exquisite flavors of the gastronomic concept that Katagi Blau brings for you, & at an excellent price. You will fall in love!

We assure you that a sushi roll stuffed with asparagus in tempura, salmon, sea bass and tuna, topped with crushed avocado and dressed with a reduction of soy sauce and fresh cream sauce, for example, is not something you would find in a common restaurant.

If you need more information, you can also access their website where you can take a more detailed look at the main menus: Weekly Executive Menu, Teppanyaki Menu, Brunch Menu & Spa, Katagi Menu and Sunset Menu.



Already the decoration of the hotel where Katagi Blau is located is a spectacle in itself. So imagine what this rooftop restaurant will look like, with stunning views of the sea.

It emphasizes a modern, relaxed and fashionable decoration; walls in blue, comfortable armchairs, hanging plants, wooden tables and more. The feeling of being able to observe the bay of Palma is a privilege that will make your food taste even better than it already is. It will leave you breathless.

Don’t stop eating at Katagi Blau in Mallorca, it’s quite an experience!

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