La Lonja in Palma

La Lonja in Palma de Mallorca


Are you looking for lots of fun in Mallorca? Nothing like La Lonja in Palma to spend an excellent night in. Don’t miss what we have to tell you about this awesome place!

La Lonja in Palma


La Lonja is located in the old town of Palma de Mallorca and is the perfect combination between the historical culture of the island and the evolution of Mallorca’s nightlife. It’s an amazing place that no matter if you go at night or day, you must visit; it’s beautiful and stunning in so many ways.


The main building of La Lonja, was very important at the time. In the fifteenth century, due to the increase in economic activity that existed in the port of Palma, it became necessary to build a facility that would function as a meeting place for merchants, banking and stock market operations.

As a curious fact, the stone that was used for the construction of the La Lonja building comes from Santayí. It was built between 1420 and 1452 by Guillem Sagrera, who was not only the architect, but also the sculptor of the angel that guards the entrance to the main building. This angel holds a band with the message “Defendedor de la Mercancía” which means “Defender of Merchandise”.

Visiting it during the day is a historic wonder, where you can enjoy all the history that the building brings.


But at nightfall, that street is a completely different place and full of life thanks to its wide variety of restaurants, nightclubs and bars.

The best thing of all is that, despite being perfectly lit and full of life at night, you can still appreciate the Catalan Gothic architectural classic and the impetuous angel that stands above all the shops, which together along the various places that surround the place create a quite interesting environment that will leave you eclipsed.

The area of ​​La Lonja represents the heart of the nightlife of the entire capital, there is no place like this to find all the fun you need. But you cannot miss the Apuntadores Street, it is simply that center of attention within all the others places in the island or, is we want to be poetic, is that vein aorta within this whole heart.


The street Apuntadores is a narrow street full of shops designed to capture your attention, maybe you can feel a little overwhelmed if you’re not used to so many spots to get your attention. But once you pull yourself together, you’ll want to visit each place without thinking twice.


In the Apuntadores you can find Ribello, a well-known Italian restaurant. You cannot stop visiting it. You will also see several clubs and bars, such as: The Abaco Cocktail Bar, which is highly acclaimed among tourists; and the Jazz Club on Calle San Juan that will draw your attention pretty quickly due to its unique essence that you can only understand by visiting it.

These places exceed any of your expectations thanks to the loud music, excellent food, decorations, party atmosphere, good service, Mallorcan culture and much more.

You cannot miss visiting La Lonja in Palma de Mallorca, you will have guaranteed fun!

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