luxury propertys in mallorca

Luxury properties in Mallorca


Are you looking for expensive properties in Mallorca? Find out the locations with the most luxury properties in Mallorca.

3 Spots with the Most Luxury Properties in Mallorca

If what you are looking for are properties with all the luxuries you can ask for, in Mallorca you will find plenty to spare. Of course the island has a large number of varied properties and their prices range depending on the location and how magnificent the construction is.

But if you are looking for something truly unique and expensive, you can find: from large villas to spectacular apartments with all the amenities you need.

Palma de Mallorca

Of course, the first place has to be the capital of Mallorca. Due to all its benefits and services it houses the best properties on the island.

The new properties in Ciudad Jardin or located near the sea are sold at a good price even before the construction is completed. This is thanks to its modern comforts and designs that convey luxuries everywhere.


This city is located in the most popular municipality on the island, has an excellent location and therefore has easy access to different resorts.

This village retains a traditional charm, which makes most of the properties of the place widespread and traditional. Many of the houses enjoy spectacular views of the countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.

The property prices of such magnitudes are quite high; but it’s thanks to all the luxuries and amenities they offer.


This locality is located in the northwest of the island, it became famous thanks to the orange groves that surround it. It’s one of the most desired cities of Mallorca, and all thanks to its proximity to the mountains, beaches and its fertile lands.

It’s not surprising that this place has a wide range of real estate, where you can find the most expensive properties; from quite luxurious houses to rustic-style properties with all the amenities you can imagine.

Without any doubt Mallorca offers luxuries and wonderful experiences in every corner. Move in to Mallorca and don’t miss the most luxurious properties of the entire Mediterranean Sea.

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