Do you want to know more about Mallorca? Today we bring you interesting information about Magaluf, one of the island’s most popular holiday destinations, keep reading!

Magaluf is located in the southwest of Mallorca, in the distric of Calvià, near Palma Nova, and offers tourists a wide variety of entertainment and leisure through nightclubs, restaurants, bars and more.

This place was the favorite destination of the British tourists in the 60’s. Today it’s considered by the English as “the capital of the party” on the island thanks to its famous nightlife.

The nightlife in Magaluf is impressive, due to its strategic location, just 3 kilometers from Mallorca’s casino that is surrounded by massive attractions, bright lights and seductive offers in cocktails. Besides you can’t miss the chance to visit BCM, one of the most famous nightclubs in Europe.

As a destination to party is quite difficult to defeat compared to other areas in the island because it has a very festive air, super Las Vegas or Ibiza style, with fun wherever you look at any time.

Punta Ballena is definitely the busiest street, especially since tourists usually concentrate on the amazing fashion shops. It has a variety of theme hotels that match the party atmosphere, such as the Hotel Mallorca Rocks, which offers music concerts and well known DJ’s.

As for food, English cuisine is quite marked in Magaluf, in case you get tired of Spanish cuisine. You can find even the most typical dishes like “Fish & Chips” or some refined gastronomic selection for sophisticated palates with seafood, champagne and more.

If you travel with your whole family you can also enjoy the popular Show Pirates on the island, as well as the many water parks.

Visit Mallorca, and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders that Magaluf has to offer you!

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