caves in majorca

Main caves in Majorca


Do you want to know more about Majorca? Find out the main caves in Majorca, the most beautiful hidden treasures of the island!

Caves in Majorca

The beautiful island of Majorca hides incredible treasures underground and you cannot miss them. We are talking about the two main Caves in Majorca: Cuevas Del Drach and Arta Caves.

Different geological processes have formed, for many millions of years, spectacular formations; which form paradises that today we can admire: Stalactites and stalagmites or lakes of fresh and salt water.

Cuevas Del Drach Majorca

These caves are located near Porto Cristo, in the municipality of Manacor. The Caves of Drach reach about 25 meters underground and are considered one of the most famous caves on the island.

Between the concert of classical music performed by the musicians in a wheel boat at the end of the visit and the special lighting of the place, we assure you that you will enjoy a beautiful show.

In the underground caverns you will find four huge caves named Cova Negra, Cova de Lluis Salvador, Cova Blanca and Cova dels Francesos; and in the middle of them is a huge lake, Lake Martel, about 115 meters long, where you can navigate before you finish your visit.

Arta Caves Majorca

These Caves are located in Capdepera, in Cap Vermell. As soon as you go into the cave you gain access to the chamber, also known as the Entrance Hall or Vestibule, a place with countless stalagmites and stalactites of impressive shapes and dimensions.

Breathtaking views over the bay of Canyamel

The most spectacular is a 22-meter-high stalagmite (one of the largest in Europe). It is located in the Hall of the Queen, while in the chamber known as Hell, there is a magnificent light and sound show. These caves will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views over the bay of Canyamel.

The caves of Arta have the natural splendor and the artificial lighting similar to the Caves of the Drach; but without the lake and the boat full of tourists.

Visit Mallorca and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this two wonderful caves! Continue visiting the blog to find out soon about more impressive caves in Majorca 😉

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