majorca expats Commandments

Majorca Expat Commandments 2017: Part I


Are you planning to Move to Majorca? Check out our Majorca Expat Commandment’s list:

Majorca´s Expat Commandments

Prepare yourself

These days it’s super easy to know Expats who are residents in Majorca. A great proportion of them can be easily found on Facebook. You can get to know a lot of people & get lots of information in preparation for your move.

If you are moving to Majorca, seek out local advice & tips from people already living here. Facebook, Google and even Twitter are your friends.

Ask about local services, schools, mobile phone companies, etc. Ask whatever you want to know. The good expat people of Majorca will love to help you via a variety of Blogs & on Facebook.

These people will become your life support system, you’ll rely on them for your social life, your business, your day to day survival & eventually, they’ll become your extended family.

Don’t get fooled

As much as it’s important to make new friends & develop a new social circle, you need to make sure that you don’t buy into unscrupulous people.

Behave nicely

Majorca is tiny; If you rip someone off, act like a prat, turn out be unreliable or bad at your job you should know that it won’t take that long for the island to find it out.

Remember that you arrive on the island with a reputation intact & that your actions & how you present yourself will definitely determine whether it remains that way. We advise you to behave nicely and with integrity during all times.

Forget what you used to be, best get over it, no one cares

Whoever you were in your country, you need to know that you aren’t that person anymore here. When you step off the boat or plane you are starting from scratch all over again. Whatever status or position you had in your old country means absolutely nothing in Majorca.


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