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Majorca Expat Commandments 2017: Part II


If you are planning to move to this beautiful, don’t forget to check out our Majorca Expat Commandment’s list!

Expat Commandments

Always have an exit plan

Don’t burn your bridges; you should always have an exit plan (even if you do not even plan on using it).

Prepare to fall in love with Majorca

Even after living on Majorca for years, we guarantee you’ll still go WOW every time you see a beach, sunset, mountain or village view.

Learn one of the languages

You need to prepare yourself to learn one of the languages, either Spanish or Catalan…You should know though, if your kids go to a state school, then they’ll be taught in Catalan first & Spanish second & then English third.

You may even find yourself having to get around Mallorquin. In some areas of the island it may be better to speak German & English for employment. We advise you to do your homework & work it out.

Don’t live in a house with more bedrooms than you need

Unless you really like being visited by people you barely know on the island… don’t live in a house with more bedrooms than you need.

Living in Majorca is like living in Britain during the Seventies

Yep, living in Majorca is like living in Britain during the seventies… You can pay a deposit on drinks bottles & still get the money back when you return them. Depending on where you live on Majorca, you’ll receive your cooking gas in bottles that are delivered to your door.

Sundays are sacred; you should know that, nothing happens on them except leisure & family activities. On the other hand, in Majorca there is also a brilliant community spirit, fiestas & outdoor events.

Also, prepare yourself to commit wholeheartedly to a new culture… You will read Spanish Newspapers, listen to Spanish Radio & much more. Take every chance you have to integrate. Get over your shyness about making mistakes with the language. We advise you to start talking as you can & don’t stop!

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