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Is there any difference between Majorca and Mallorca? Aren’t they the same place?

Indeed, they are the same place. Many of you will think that it is only a case of spelling differences, coming from the different zones or regions of the island, and it is true too, but this is a little more complicated than you may think, so keep on reading!

Majorca Real Estate, Real Estate Mallorca

Mallorca vs Majorca

Majorca is the Anglo-Saxon variation of Mallorca, and belongs to the British appropriation of Mallorca, since the British could not move their tongue to produce the sound of the “L”, so to make it easier they replaced it with a “j”.

It´s a cultural differentiation

It is not a physical but cultural differentiation, in fact, it seems unbelievable, but in the version you choose from the island you can find different festivities, meals, restaurants, resorts, and even beachfront bars that pride themselves on serving British beers and full English breakfasts to the customers, and all this taking into account that we are talking about the same island!

The locals are no longer bothered if some tourists pronounce it differently because they are already used to this differentiation, some have even merged both cultures creating the Mallorca that is currently known by everyone, acquiring different recipes of typical food and drinks, vocabularies, expressions, customs and traditions.

Majorca Tourism

Wonderful beaches & Mountains

Whether it is Majorca or Mallorca, this will not stop you from enjoying the wonderful beaches and mountains that this island has to offer.

Different range of cultural experiences

In fact, In Mallorca you will find a totally different range of cultural experiences with wonderful landscapes and delicacies that will definitely blow your mind.

Climbing, Walking & Cycling

You can do numerous activities throughout the island like going to the mountains of Tramuntana where you can go climbing, walking or cycling.

Majorca real estate, majorca cycling

Aquariums, Ancient Ruins, Natural Parks  & Themed Parks

Also you can go to aquariums, ancient ruins and even visit the natural parks that are located in every part of the island & go to the best amusement theme parks with the most fabulous attractions.

Museums & Buildings of Great Architectural Value

But that is not all, If you are looking for more of Mallorca history there are also a variety of museums specialized by region where you can find culture of majorca and Mallorca at the same time.

You can also visit buildings of great architectural value such as the castles and the beautiful cathedrals of the island or the monuments of Interest, which give you that feeling of being in a totally different era that interests many people when they want to take a time off to go on vacation to an exotic place like Mallorca, because it´s different than the place they are used to in their daily life.

Hire a tour service

And if you feel that you do not have enough time to visit all these beautiful places and do all this amazing activities, we recommend that you hire a tour service that will take you all over the island and show you the best places of historical interest, restaurants and buildings.

Rent a Majorca Property

The best way to tour the island and know all its wonders is renting some property in Mallorca, where you can choose from a villa near the beach quite spacious or small enough and romantic to share as a couple, which are around the whole Island and vary their measurements and amenities with all the services you need at your disposal; with terraces, sea views, connection to WIFI, beautiful gardens, private parking, fully equipped kitchen, outdoor dining rooms and so much more.

The owners of the properties usually live quite close but not enough to invade your privacy, and they try to help by offering all the information you need from tourist sites to the best restaurants to visit.

If you want something more centralized you can choose any hotel in the middle of the island that will surely meet all your needs and whims without any problem to ensure that your stay will be the best as possible that you can even imagine.

Majorca Real Estate, Real Estate Mallorca, Real Estate Majorca

Life in Mallorca, properties in Mallorca or Majorca

Leaving aside all those things that people usually look for in a country like Mallorca, such as beaches, bars or the simple fact of going to vacation in these beautiful landscapes, if what you want is something more permanent because you felt in love of this beautiful island that can be arranged too!

Falling in love with the island & getting a Mallorca Property

For people who want to move to Mallorca permanently, there are many offers of properties that can fit your needs like houses, apartments or even a Villa that also offer the rural tranquility that most of the people, who come from a city crowded by people, want in their life.

Great Public Services, Schools, Univerties & Job Offers

The Mallorca Properties count with all those public services we need such as: electricity, water supply, waste system and so on; also great schools and universities, and without forgetting to mention that the Mallorca island offers a great variety of job offers.

Real Estate Mallorca

Real estate agents in Mallorca

If the above supposes many complications for you, and you want to avoid all that annoyance of deciding if you do not know between to buy a property or to rent one; to investigate what are the best options for you and to look in detail everything that you need from where you are, because not all people have the economic stability to travel so often to a country only to inquire about available housing and then return to their country of origin without reaching an agreement of any kind… There is always the option available to go to a real estate agent in Mallorca!

Pros of finding a house for Sale in Mallorca with a Real Estate Agent

The real estate agents are ready to deal with such details as the location and size of the property, neighbors, services and other issues that need to be known before speaking about making business to be more specific!

All the demands of the buyer who wants to acquire the property in Mallorca must be completely satisfied, which suppose an easy task for the estate agent because he or she knows every single one of the great advantages of living in Mallorca and all the properties for sale and rent better than yourself and any other person you could hire near you.

real estate mallorca

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