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How to Make your Property More Attractive to Buyers


Are you thinking of selling your home? Keep on reading to find out how to make your property more attractive to buyers! 😎

Although the law does not stipulate the obligation to sell a property in perfect condition, plus there are certain buyers looking for deteriorated homes by personal criteria (savings, haste or intention to reform), the truth is most buyers want to acquire a second-hand property that is preserved in good conditions.

This is why it is so important to make some arrangements to make your property more attractive to buyers!

When thinking about these arrangements, these are usually considered structural reforms and extensive repair works. However, buyers who opt for second-hand properties understand that these properties will not be found in the same conditions as a new home, as the years of use leave their mark.

Even so, there are some basic arrangements that can be made on their own, which increase the attractiveness of the property, and even its price in small proportions.

The most difficult basic works in these cases are:

  • Discarding the humidity of some floors
  • Covering cracks in the walls

Then you could:

  • Add a good layer of paint
  • Trim the grass and bushes
  • Lubricate the doors that grind
  • Repair the taps and knobs
  • Change the bulbs

These small details can make a big difference in the development of the sale, as they directly influence the buyer’s perception of the property.

When knowing the house, the buyer will want to imagine themselves in it. And neglecting these details, would result in abandonment or wear, which could deviate the negotiation.

Although these arrangements or touches seek to persuade buyers, it is important to notify the real situation of the property in case some aspect requires special care.

Remember that the intention of maintenance is to embellish the attributes and not hide the defects 😉

If you were looking how to make your property more attractive to buyers, we hope you fould this post useful! 😎

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