Medical Care System in Mallorca

Medical care system in Mallorca


Do you want know more about Mallorca? Today we’ll talk about the medical care system in Mallorca. So you know there’s no need to leave the island to get quality medical and surgical treatment. Keep on reading!

Medical Care System in Mallorca

You can find very good medical care standards in Mallorca. The doctors practicing on the island are mainly Spanish, German and British that work in almost every discipline.

The most requested medical practices are dermatology, skin cancer screening and laser treatment; otolaryngology and hearing problems; opticians and Laser surgery; dentists, dental aesthetics, orthodontists and hygienists; and of course the common ones like general medicine, specialists, pediatricians, obstetrics and more.

In Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, the national health service is called “Ib-Salut” and every tourist and resident can use it when it’s needed.

It does not matter if you are visiting or living in Mallorca

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting or live there in Mallorca, you just need to check your health insurance to know which benefits are covered.

In fact, with a European Health Insurance Card in conjunction with the identity card you can be treated in all health centers of the island and Spain. Or you could ask for a receipt to submit as a claim for the cost of the service you received and pay it back at home.

Every district has its own health center in Mallorca

Every district of the major cities has its own health center. There you can find basic medical care, though major surgeries are not performed there.

There are also pharmacies everywhere and are recognized by a flashing green cross outside their facilities. If you are looking for an all-night drugstore the sign is usually very visible at the window.

If you go to Mallorca, don’t worry, you’ll surely find the best medical care system you could ever need in every medical facility nearby.

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