Medical Centers in Mallorca

Medical centers in Mallorca


Do you want know more about Mallorca? Today we’ll talk about the medical centers in Mallorca, so you know there’s no need to leave the island to get quality medical and surgical treatment. Keep on reading!

Medical centers in Mallorca 2017

Find out all you need to know about the medical centers in Mallorca.


There are a wide number of private clinics in Mallorca where you can be treated without waiting too much time and have any necessary surgery. The technical equipment is up to date and in great conditions, ready to be use.

The main clinics in the capital are the Palma clinic, the Clinica Rotger, Clinica Picasso and Clinica Capistrano, the last one with a specialized area of rehabilitation.

You can also find the best specialists in every discipline, all of them offer a good service and they can speak several languages to have a better communication with the patient; the most common languages are Spanish, English, and German.

Every patient is placed in single rooms with an extra bed for accompanying person and they have all the necessary amenities to be the comfortable as they can.


There are two major public hospitals in Palma, the others are in Inca and in Manacor. These facilities are in perfect condition, and each of these hospitals can cover healthcare in their particular area. They also cover a wide range of medical fields. On the other hand, technical equipment meet international standards to offer the best service.

Every hospital in Mallorca offer a translation service for multiple languages at any time of the day and anyone with a European health insurance card can be treated there if they carry their ID.

All public hospitals have emergency departments, with emergency vehicles that include medically- staffed ambulances, helicopters and planes.

You just need to know the emergency number which is 112. It is totally free, with English or German speaking operator if needed, and supported by all networks. The number for the emergency service of “Ib-Salut” (the national health service) is 061.

If you go to Mallorca, don’t worry. You’ll surely find the best medical care you could ever need in every medical facility nearby.

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