Monuments you can’t miss in Mallorca (Part 2)


In the previous post we mentioned 3 of the most visited monuments in Mallorca of great historical and architectural content that are truly worth the trip. And for your enjoyment we will continue with many more.

If you like architecture, history or the simple fact of having an unforgettable visit do not miss the monuments that we will tell you this time, they are so majestic!

The Roman city of Pollentia

This Roman city is the only archaeological site that can be visited from the most important Roman period of the island, around 123 B.C. It is a historical piece of great architectural value.

You can distinguish three clear zones in the place: the theater, the forum, and a residential area known as the Portella. Also you can see the two ports that had the city, one to the north and one to the south of the city right next to the port of Alcudia.

Next to the city is the Pollentia Museum which has a collection of all the pieces found in the Roman city like jars, paintings, and different tools with great historical value.

The Castle of Cadpedera

This is a fortress with walls where you can see the maritime channel that separates Mallorca from Menorca. This building has witnessed innumerable attacks during its history, in fact, thanks to its construction the conquest of Menorca was achieved by order of King Jaime I.

The walls were later built to protect citizens from pirate attacks and more. Inside you can visit the church, watchtowers, archaeological remains, and what is better than visit it during the Medieval Fair that takes place in the castle the third weekend of May.

The Calvari of Pollença

It is a neo-Gothic style building that adopted this characteristic thanks to a reconstruction that made it lose its baroque condition, was built on a hill in the eighteenth century.

To get to The Calvari you need to climb a staircase of 365 steps surrounded by cypresses, but don’t worry is worth the effort, from there you can see the beautiful bay and the village of Pollença.

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