Museum of ancient dolls in Mallorca


All you need to know about Museum Of Ancient Dolls in Mallorca

If you want to know a little bit more about the culture of Mallorca, you should definitely visit this museum of antique dolls. You will be amazed with the collection of more than 500 pieces, many of them belonging to the period known as the golden century of the doll, from 1840 to 1930.

If we want to know more about the culture of Mallorca, there are many places we can’t miss, including a magnificent museum of ancient dolls founded by Alicia García Germán, who is a great collector of dolls and has managed to make a collection of all the dolls exhibit at this museum located in the historical center of Palma.

In this museum full of historical culture you can find the evolution of the first religious figures to the famous Nancy doll. The tour starts from religious figures made of wood or mud that were part of some religious events, after that we can see an exhibition of very beautiful and rare pre-Columbian dolls.

You can also see wax dolls, which were used as offerings to the gods in the late nineteenth century. With hair implanted one by one and glass eyes that were curiously placed by blind artisans with much dedication is something that you can’t miss.

In the collection of the golden age of the doll can be found dolls of different origins like German, French, Spanish, Italian and more that portray very well the culture of each country by the time they were manufactured.

In addition, some of these dolls are very curious like the Kaiser baby with the borrowed face of a German emperor; The Kewpies, some Japanese angels dated in 1913; Or the two teddy bears of the firm Steiff that have more than one hundred years and for which have been sold by more than 150,000 Euros.

So if you are interested in dolls, history, or culture, don’t hesitate to visit this fabulous museum of Mallorca where you can appreciate the most curious and beautiful dolls of all times.

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