New life in Majorca

Prepare yourself for your new life in Majorca!


A lot of people have fallen in love with Majorca after spending a few days of sun and sea on this beautiful island. If you are planning to live here, there a few things you should have in mind when preparing your new life, keep on reading!

Prepare your new life in Majorca

Moving to Majorca undoubtedly can be the start of an awesome chapter in our life, however if we´re not prepared we could end up wishing to return home… Our goal with this post is to make sure that you have a good chance of fitting here as well as making sure you are financially prepared to make the move.

Talk to people who have moved to Majorca

So we advise you to talk to people who have made the decision to move to Majorca, and if you are planning to work here, you also need to make sure there is a good demand for your skills or services. There are many organizations dedicated to help fellow expats.

Ask certain questions in Online Forums

You could also search for online forums, which are also really helpful for asking certain questions.

Learn Spanish

It´s an excellent idea to learn Spanish before you make the move. Many expat residents will confirm it, because at some point you´ll need Spanish skills in this island.

You should also have in mind that Català or Mallorquí are usually spoken as the main language in Majorca, in fact it´s the official language of the island.

Explore the diverse areas of Majorca & Visit them at different times of the year

Because the regions on this island are very different, we advise you to explore diverse areas & also visit them at different times of the year. Some places are really quiet during winter, but very lively during summer season.

The truth is that your life in Majorca can be much easier with a Real Estate Agent. A Real Estate Agent, in addition to helping you find the right home, can also help you offering the expertise to support you with legal issues, local knowledge, utilities & much more!

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