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New or used house in Mallorca? Find out what’s best for you


Do you want to buy a house in Mallorca but you’re not sure if you prefer it to be new or used? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of buying a new or used house in Mallorca, keep on reading!

New or used house in Mallorca

When buying a house in Mallorca, we find a wide range of options and alternatives to choose from throughout the island.

From beautiful Villas filled with Mallorca architecture to amazing and innovative houses.

Everyone wonders what kind of house they want… And once they decide the style of home they want to acquire, an important question shows up:

Do I want a new or used house?

Certainly both options have their advantages and disadvantages, which you must know to make a decision!

Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a used house

Advantage: Location

In Mallorca, most of the amazing houses and villas used are strategically located in the center of the city or near tourist complexes. Which makes them easily accessible to best of the island.

In addition to having a wide variety of services and stores quite close.

Advantage: Terrain width

The old buildings are usually quite large, have thick walls, high ceilings, numerous large windows, and a large lot; especially villas in Mallorca.

Not to mention that they have high quality materials!

There’s a reason why they have remained standing and in good condition for so many years.

Disadvantage: Cost

For many, the price of the property they are going to acquire is conclusive.

This can be a little misleading in Mallorca, since the houses used are usually very well preserved and designed for resale.

Therefore, they will not always be cheaper than new properties that might be simpler or without many details.

Disadvantage: deterioration of property

Depending on the time the house has, the problems that arise will be more evident.

The humidity and the deterioration of the pipes are issues that should be considered.

You will probably end up paying the same or more than the investment of a new house on the repairs.

So it’s important to know if the purchase will be worthy or not.

New or used house

Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a new house

Advantage: design choice

We can choose between totally customized designs or find a house that is exactly as we want it.

In Mallorca there is a lot to choose from. For this we recommend you contact your real estate agent.

Advantage: Location

Most of the new houses are in modern and closed urban complexes.

This can bring you greater comfort and convenience, in addition to having access to important services such as security because it’s a closed complex.

Disadvantage: costs

Depending on the area and the size of the house, a new house can be more expensive than a used one; unless the used house is a very elaborated and expensive Villa for a King.

Disadvantage: reduced size

In general, modern houses are usually small houses, with little space and this may be of little use.

Do you plan to move to Mallorca? Consider all your options!

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